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How should I care for my screen, battery, etc.
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Proper Device Care Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help ensure the proper care and use of

MCS-issued Devices. This document does not list all applicable rules and

may be changed from time to time. In addition to following these guidelines,

students are expected to use common sense and good judgment to protect

their Device both on and off campus. Failure to follow these guidelines or

other applicable rules may result in disciplinary action and/or financial

responsibility for loss or damage.

General Guidelines

• As Moore County Schools is providing you with a device, you are

expected to use this as your primary technology device throughout the

school day. Personal devices are discouraged and in some cases will

not be permitted on the MCS network. Students should not use a tablet

or their own laptops in place of the Chromebook they are issued.

• Although the Device is owned by Moore County Schools, it is your

responsibility to treat with great care the Device you are issued.

• Report concerns with your Device or online issues to a teacher or the

school’s Media Specialist. When necessary, plan to visit the media

center before school, during break or lunch, or after school.


• If you have been issued a protective bag to reduce the risk of damage,

keep your Device in the protective bag you have been issued by MCS

when the Device is not in use.

• Do not use your Device for any illegal purpose or in violation of any

MCS policy or procedure. Be aware that all Internet use and email

are monitored.

• Do not use your Device to make, receive, or transmit any words,

images, files, or other materials that are inappropriate in a public

school setting.

• Do not loan your Device or its accessories to any other person.

• Do not share passwords or attempt to discover others’ passwords.

• Do not download or install any programs, files, or games from the

Internet or other sources onto your Device. All programs and files must

be installed only at the specific direction of MCS or through the MCSmanaged Application Portals.

• Do not delete, uninstall, or attempt to circumvent any hardware,

software, drivers, filters, or other programs or devices installed on

the Device by MCS.

• Do not tamper with computer hardware or software, attempt to

override or bypass Internet filters, change network profiles or

configurations, or “hack” or otherwise obtain unauthorized access to

any network, computer, file, or program.

• Do not attempt any repair or maintenance service yourself.

All repairs and maintenance must be done through an

authorized Moore County Schools representative.

General Device Care

• Do not “decorate” your Device in any manner (e.g. stickers,

markers, or paint) or otherwise scratch or in any way deface any

surface of the Device.

• Do not damage or remove any factory or MCS marking or labeling on your


• Do not open the Device housing, as doing so may void the warranty.

• Do not eat or drink while using the Device, as liquids and other debris

can damage electronic equipment.

• Do not use or leave your Device near any water source, such as a

sink, bathtub, or pool.

• Do not allow pets near your Device.

• Do not use your Device around activities or in areas where it might be

knocked over or damaged.

• Do not leave the Device on the floor, near table or desk edges, or in

sitting areas such as couches or chairs.

• Do not leave your Device in direct sun or in temperatures of 80

degrees Fahrenheit or above or in any location that falls below 32

degrees Fahrenheit.

• Do not leave your Device unattended in a public space or in a vehicle.

• Do not check your Device as luggage at an airport or in connection

with other forms of transportation.

Carrying the Device


• Always close the lid before moving your Device, which sends the Device

into standby.

• For prolonged periods of inactivity, shut down the Device completely

before closing the lid. This will help to conserve the battery.

Taking Care of the Screen

• Take particular caution with the screen, which is very susceptible to

damage from excessive pressure. Avoid grasping the Device by the

screen with any force.

• Do not stack books or other objects on your Device since pressure

can crack the screen.

• You may clean the screen as you would a camera lens or a good pair of

glasses (i.e., use anti-static cloths or lens cleaners designed specifically

for camera lenses and glasses).Do not use glass cleaners, sprays,

soaps, or anything else to clean your screen.

Maintaining Your Battery

• You are expected to come to school with a fully charged battery. Each

night when you go to sleep, so does your Device. Plug it in for a good

night’s rest.

• When charging, protect the device by using a surge protector whenever


• Only use the charger that was supplied with your device. Using an

incorrect charger could lead to a fire hazard.

Daily Logistics

• During the school day, the Device should be in your immediate

vicinity or in your locker.

• You remain responsible for the security of your Device during afterschool activities. Keep it with you or locked in a classroom or other

secure location.

• Take your Device home every night unless you have permission to

leave your Device in a secure location at school.

• We all need to be conscientious of our surroundings. If you see an

“unattended” Device, be a good citizen and take it to the main


• Your school may adjust these logistics based on Remote Learning

needs. Follow the guidelines provided by your school

administration for daily logistics.

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